Advertising and marketing for Black Swan

Black Swan has many faces (meaning it is represented through all types of posters and billboards)

Three examples of posters are:

The film is also being advertised on TV, and a press conference also helped to promote the film:

The premier of the film also served to create a stir before the film came out:

Various trailers and teasers such as the following have shown audiences insight into the film, and the lack of information revealed acts as a good method of attracting an audience:

This is a quote from one of the marketing directors of Black Swan mentioning the impact the film has made:

Due to marketing departments having an increased say in what goes into a film’s promotion, it can be quite difficult pitching alternative design ideas to a film studio. However, many within the industry are optimistic about the impact that ‘Black Swan’ has had on this mindset and are looking to capitalise on its success.

This is a quote about how much a poster may actually affect the success of the film:

Promotion for the film is now in full swing, especially with awards ceremonies, today Glamour got an exclusive, the international poster and it’s taking a different tack to the traditional and art-house posters we’ve seen thus far. This one is simple but very effective focusing on Portman and her shattered existence as ballet dancer Nina.


There is overall much anticipation for the film to be released this weekend, and the progress it has made so far in America is a good sign for how well it is predicted to do in the UK.

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