Opening Weekend

Black Swan has done extraordinarily well on it’s opening weekend, which is said to have been “Fox Searchlight’s biggest UK box office opening”. The film was released in the UK on Friday the 21st January and has made an impressive £2.76m on it’s opening weekend. Recent film reviews have shown much appreciation for the film, one example of a posistive review is by N.P Horton:

I’ll come right out and say it, Black Swan is a masterpiece. It’s a masterpiece of obsession and what that obsession ultimately does to a person. It’s also a perfect summation of Darren Aronofsky’s career to date, a cap on his independent work, and one which, if he does, indeed, depart to the land of Hollywood blockbusters for good, will serve as a dazzling tribute to his early craft

Here is a review from the Guardian touching on certain “over done” aspects, however still a positive review:

Black Swan is ionospherically over the top, and some of its effects are overdone, but it is richly, sensually enjoyable and there is such fascination in seeing Portman surrender to the madness and watch her face transmute into a horror-mask like a nightmare version of Maria Callas. It is exciting, quite mad and often really scary

Here is a video review of Black Swan, with a personal rating at the end:

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