Personal opinion of film

I recently went to watch Black Swan and I personally really enjoyed it. The camera work was almost documentary style which I felt increased the tension and made the scary parts of the film stand out more as the editing was also quite fast paced. It became difficult to determine between what was real and what was in Nina’s mind, this made the ending even more effective as I did not expect it to turn out that way, however the famous story of Swan Lake did prepare me for her death.

Recently we have been studying the effect of star appeal and how this may encourage someone to go and watch the film. Considering this poster:

The fact that the poster is just a close up of Natalie Portman suggests that this is one of the key marketing tools being used to promote the film. Many film posters usually have the name of the star and the film name and this is a way of promoting the film to all fan bases of that star. Natalie Portman has had quite a successful career and is already onto her next film “No Strings Attached”. In the poster, the use of the crack down her face symbolises the perfect image being destroyed and the “White Swan” being defeated by her evil twin. Surprisingly this poster is all that is really needed to promote the film using the name of the star, the film name and a subtle link to the narrative of the film. I personally really enjoyed this film and can see why it has been so successful.

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