Total Film Magazine review

I have just recently read the review of Black Swan in Total Film magazine and have to say I agree with the overall conclusion. Total Film gave Black Swan 4 stars out of 5 and described Aronofsky’s work as “a crazed monument to cinema.” I personally found the film fascinating due to the use of reflection and the main protagonist’s illusions of seeing herself everywhere. The review comments on the use of fusing genres – “psychodrama, horror, backstage musicals and materpieces such as The Red Shoes.” I think this hybrid of genres helps develop the film’s appeal because people will be attracted to various genres and a combination of them in one film draws the attention of a much wider audience. I found the film quite exciting, almost the feeling of being backstage during a performance and engaging with all the other dancers. The film review highlights the films strengths – “a film obsessed with movement, colours, sets and sound design.”I think the review really points out why the film is so exhilirating due to the brilliant use of camerawork and editing as well as props and costumes. The overall verdict by the magazine was “The most toxic, rapturous, melodramatic, operatic movie about a mentally disintegrating ballerina you’ll see all year … And featuring some of the best dance sequences ever.” I could not agree with Total Film more, however I would rate the film as 5 stars out of 5 as it is a breath of fresh air for mainstream audiences.

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